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Hello world, internet visitor and most honorable readers, patients, doctors, hakim/kobiraz & herbal researcher, you all are welcome to our natural herbal home remedies website – Modern Herbalife. We have built up this website named “Modern Herbalife” just for home treatment. When you are affected from any diseases, you can treat your diseases at home with your own hand following our natural herbal home remedies therapies.

What is Valuation of this site?

This is a Simple site of Herbal Home Medicine. It is built up with a highly information about Herbal Therapy and remedies. It is a handy, up-to-date and authoritative guide to the practice of Herbal/Ayurveda treatment. It also is called Herbal Home Remedies which are derived from readily available natural resources and are perfected through experience. This Herbal Home remedies are very Cheap and Inexpensive cost, easily attainable, have no side-effects or allergic reactions, unlike allopathic medicines, and are within the reach of all.

Why we built up this site?

Now a days in earlier times and the age of science when the impressive pills of modern medicines (antibiotics etc.) were not available most ailments were treated with indigenous materials. On this platform an attempt has been made to give treatments which were available in early times for the all problems and common diseases of head, eye, ear, nose, throat, teeth, skin, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidney, and other parts of the body including jaundice, rheumatism and skin infections for which only Herbal/Ayurveda provides a complete cure. Certain ailments like fever, poison bites, joint pains, anemia and habit quitting etc. have also been discussed with their possible plant based therapies. It is not only curing ailments, but also promotes health and longevity.
This website - Modern Herbalife is full of fascinating Herbal Therapies which are easy to follow and adopt. Combining natural herbal treatment with synthetic drugs could have a synergistic effect. It can at the times be highly risky due to incompatibility. For general ailments, however relying on natural treatments is a wiser choice. Compartmentalizing Herbal, Homeopathy and drug based therapies and using one system of treatment at a time is an ideal situation.

Most of the diseases can be prevented by consuming nutritious and a balanced diet. With this idea a chapter on nutrition and balanced diet is given in this site. This is principally an herbal home remedy (you can call an e-book of herbal medicine) which can be used profitably by anyone interested in pursuing the art of healing through herbs.

We have made an attempt to describe the treatment for some common selected diseases in this site. The essential features incorporate the procedure of preparing the medicine, duration of treatment and necessary precautions if any.

What is the reference to this site?

We have created this website following the all roll-regulation of Herbal/Ayurveda therapy. We always try to write these articles on the Natural Herbal Home Remedies with our own experience. We research a long time for an article. Without the research we do not post any article on this site. We collect a lot of data in the various ways from online and offline. We gather a high level & the most authentic information for each article from the Internet, WikiHerbal, WikiAyurveda, and many other online resources. We usually follow the system of treatment in the various books on Herbal, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy and Allopathic Medicine such as: Dr. T.L. Devaraj (Ayurvedic specialist), Dr. M Ahluwalia & Dr. S. Bhanumati (Herbal specialist), Dr. Alamgir Mati (Founder of Modern Herbal Group) and many more (Added them later).

All the best. Please always tray to stay healthy with our Modern Herbalife. Thanks.


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