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What is Cancer and why Called it Cancer? Definition of Cancer and Tumor

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CANCER is a very dangerous life-destroying disease name. Listening this disease name “Cancer” startle hair of the body. Cancer is not just one disease name but it is a broad group name of more than
What is Cancer?
Cancer & Crab
200 different known types of diseases relating uncontrolled cell growth. It is also known by the medical term as a malignant neoplasm. Cancer or abnormal cell division may be spread to other more parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system in the short time if untreated it. Remember, untreated cancer, which will be a very dangerous and serious problem and the major cause of illness and death.

Normal Cell Division in the Body

The cell is the basic unit of our body. Our body tissues are made up with a lot of live cells. There is a specific cycle of cell division in our body whereof there these cells gradually divide into new cells, growth and become an old and then die. This Cell division process moves on a definite method at everywhere in our body. As a result of this cells division process produce some new cells every day, and die old cells. Every day die a lot of blood corpuscles and innumerable skin cells in the natural process. But if the process of internal nuclear cells is changed by any reason, then that increased cells do not move to natural method. And the increasing of cells day by day becomes uncontrolled. For this uncontrolled increasing create a tumor.

What is Cancer and Why Called?

Definition of cancer is known to all. Cancer is an English language word. It is originally is begetted from Greek word “KARKINOS” or “creeping ulcer”. The meaning of Greek “karkinos” or English “Cancer” is Crab (Animal- an encrusted body, stalked eyes, with a broad shell of outside, found mainly on sea-shores and rivers-shores). To control the orbit of crab is difficult as a difficult to control the increasing of cancer cells. For the similarity of the infrastructure and feature of the crab with cancer is called the disease of crab (korkot) or cancer.

Classification of Tumor

On the feature and structure of tumor mainly have two classifications such as:
1. Benignant Tumor and
2. Malignant Tumor

Definition of Benign Tumor

A Benignant tumor is that unharmful tumor, in where cells increase lesser than slowly and comparatively, and after approaching at a definite level it can be stay there forever. These types of cells of this benign tumor do not spread to the other parts of the body and are not harmful for the body.

Definition of Malignant Tumor

A Malignant tumor is that harmful tumor, which is increased quickly and transmitted to one another parts of the body. So that, the malignant tumor is threat to life, and reason of die. This malignant tumor is called cancer.

Now, we can say easily "all cancers are tumor, but all tumors are not cancerous".

So, nowadays, “Cancer is a life killer disease” is not right, but Cancer also completely Curable. We have proved it and success to cure completely with our natural herbal home remedy.

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