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What is a Fever (Pyrexia), Fever Temperature, Symptoms, Causes and Types of Fever?

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Fever is a hot temperature of the body. One question about fever, actually, is Fever only a hot temperature of the body or not another thing? It should know to all that, It is a sign or symptom of another disease of the body.
What is a Fever (Pyrexia)?
I think also same that, Fever is not any disease. So, we should know at first, “What is a Fever” with actual fever causes and fever signs & symptoms. In this article I will describe the full definition and identification of fever in details under the title “What is a fever (Pyrexia)?

What is a Fever?

Fever can be distinct as a situation of the body in which the temperature above the normal range. It is a hot temperature of the body. It is called Jwara in Ayurvedic medical science. Jwara is Bengali and Indian name of fever. Fever is also known to all as a pyrexia or feverish reaction. It is one of the most universal medical signs & symptoms. It is characterized by high temperature of the body above the normal range. The average temperature of the healthy body ranges between 98.4°F and up to 99.5°F or 36.9°C and 37.5°C. It is responsible to insignificant distinction according to the ingestion of food, the amount of exercise, the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere etc.

Temperature of the Body

It is mentioned that the normal & average temperature of the body is from 98.4°F to 99.5°F or 36.9°C to 37.5°C. The lowest temperature of the body is between 1.30 a.m. and 7 a.m. and the highest between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.

If the temperature of the body during an attack of fever reaches 106°F (It’s called hyper pyrexia) it is an indication of danger, and if it shoots above 107°F for any length of time, death is unavoidable. The temperature may go up to 110°F even 112°F before the death occurs.

Differential Temperature for each measurement location

We know that the temperature is measured by a thermometer. Body temperature is usually taken from the various parts of the body, such as mouth, ear, anus or arm. But the temperature of all parts is not equal. In the Other wais, the body temperature will also change after drinking, eating, working, walking, smoking, wearing the different clothes, staying in the warm or cold rooms and depending on the time of day, etc… Normally the temperature of the morning is often lower than during the day or in the evening.

With the above difference condition and places of the body, the chart of the temperature for each measurement location depending on feverish for an adult is in the below.
S.NLocations of measurementNormal TemperatureFever Temperature
1.Anus, Vagina, Ear99.6°F or 37.6°100.4°F or 38.0°C
2.Mouth98.2°F or 36.8°C99.5°F or 37.5°C
3.Armpit97.6°F or 36.4°C99.0°F or 37.2°C

Term of fever

The term of fever has a very wide application. It is one of the most universal features of many diseases. In many cases, it is a secondary symptom of the ordered state of the body with which it is associated. In many diseases the main symptom which attracts attention to the malady is fever. Fever generally begins with a slight shivering, pain in various parts of the body, particularly the head, thirst and great lassitude. The symptoms, according to the diseases of which it is an accompanied for example, the main symptom of typhoid or enteric fever is a slow pulse, in spite of a far above the ground hotness, while if accompanied by UTI - Infection of the Urinary Tract, the pulse beat is very rapid.

Signs and Symptoms of Fever

There are many different signs and symptoms of fever. There will an arrest of sweating, and an affliction of excessive heat and the patient will feel a sensation of contraction in his body. The entire symptoms will be present with fever. They are termed as general symptoms. I have described all signs and symptoms of fever in the other article before, please read there.

Common Causes of Feverer

There are many different causes of fever such as viral or bacterial circumstances ranging from benevolent to potentially grave. All causes are described in another article under the title “what Causes of Fever - Common Causes of Feverer

Types of Fever

How many Kinds of Fever? There are many types of fever in medical science. All kinds of fevers are described in another article in details under the title “Types of Fever - How many Types of Fever?

Anyway we have to remember all time about fever, what is a fever? Specially careful in Fever in children. Always try to avoid all reason and causes of fever in our daily life. After that, if you are affected from Fever, take our natural herbal home remedies for quick cure at home.

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