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Delayed Pregnancy - Common Reasons & Problems

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Delayed pregnancy may cause concern to many of the wives who dream of motherhood, especially with the growing inquiry by friends and family. The specialist of obstetrics and gynecology at the Yamamah hospital in Saudi Arabia for childbirth and children advised to don’t worry or resort to a doctor to conduct any tests before completing a full year to get married, and he explained that there are three main reasons in the bellow:


A wife may be cause of the delayed pregnancy, so she must be tested to know whether they are suffering problems in ovulation or tubes or irregularity in the menstrual cycle and usually decomposition of hormones.

Delayed Pregnant Reasons
Delayed Pregnancy Causes
     i. Age of Wife: A female at birth carries two million eggs, and when she reaches the adulthood the number of eggs has reached 400 thousand eggs. And with the progress of age, the number of eggs becomes less suitable for pollination, because she lose it during the menstrual cycle, and that whenever age of wife is smaller whenever she could wait and not rush in resorting to means of artificial insemination.

     ii. Psychological Factor: Affection of Psychological situation which a wife lives it from accidents or death or result of the large number of people’s question for her pregnancy and childbearing.

     iii. Obesity: lack of physical activity leads to the accumulation of fat in the women's bodies and the occurrence of problems in the metabolism, the operation of metabolism and the appearance of what is known as syndrome polycystic ovaries, which are symptoms of lack ovulation, and therefore irregular menstrual cycle, that are the main reasons for the lack of basic reproduction, in addition to the other symptoms such as the growth of hair on the face and its lost in other areas. You can read ‘How to reduce obesity easily?’.

     iv. Extreme thinness: It must in this aspect of the distinction between the ideal body and extreme thinness that may be accompanied by poor nutrition, which have a role in influencing on the wife’s fertility.

     v. An imbalance in hormones: Rising hormones from the normal rate to failure in the ability leads to pregnancy, and may lead some of the medicines which are taking by wife such as chemical treatment in case of cancer disease or psycho therapeutic drugs to raise milk hormone, which leads subsequently to childlessness.

     vi. Surgeries: If the wife has conducted surgical operations in the abdominal area may cause some bacterial infections lead to adhesion in the tubes turn off the spigot possibility of procreation.

     vii. Tuberculosis or TB: Infected by wife may affect the birth of her, and it may reach in some cases up to the deprivation of reproduction.

     viii. Anatomical defects or Genetic: It is wife’s suffering from problems in the genitals.

     ix. Preservatives: It is added to the canning and freezers, when research has shown their impact on the ovulation process with the wife.

     x. Smoking: Delay the process of pregnancy in women because of its effect on fertility which becomes mainly from smoking.


Supposed to be a doctor to conduct other tests for husband, it may be the reason for the delay pregnancy from her husband, including:

     i. Absence of sperm finally.
     ii. Suffering from a genetic problem in the formation of chromosomes process.
     iii. It may be have Diabetes, which affects the manhood.
     iv. Exposure to infection by the disease "Mumps" at an early age.
     v. To be infected by the Hemiplegia.
     vi. Practice of smoking or abuse is prohibited materials to his ability to reproduce.

Unknown reasons:

If the tests showed the safety of husband and wife and the lack of justification for the delayed pregnancy, it can be in this resort case to reproduction centers for the process of artificial insemination operation.

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