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Leucoderma Vitiligo Types | How Many Types of Leucoderma Vitiligo?

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 20 July 2013 | 5:34:00 PM

How many types of Leucoderma Vitiligo Disease? Most of the people don’t know about the Vitiligo types have several types. They usually intent that vitiligo is vitiligo; there is no difference, no classification of the vitiligo types.
Vitiligo Types
Leucoderma Vitiligo Types
However, their intention is not right; it is wrong. Because the Leucoderma or vitiligo disease has several types in the medical science.
Vitiligo types are classified into the main two types. And every type has also several sub types described in a below.

However, actually Leucoderma vitiligo - skin pigmentation disorder is a white spot on the skin. It is just a loss of melanin - a skin colored pigmentation, often in patches. Although, Leucoderma vitiligo disorder is not dangerous or contagious disease, but from a cosmetic point of view, the vitiligo patients are a nuisance and in the society has a great stigma as leprosy. It has diverse causes and symptoms of different types, which causes and symptoms, help to take better Natural Herbal Treatments for Leucoderma vitiligo disease. Anyway, now I am going to describe vitiligo types in the below step by step.

How Many Vitiligo Types:

Firstly, Leucoderma or vitiligo is classified into the main two types, like as:
1. Localized vitiligo Type
2. Generalized Vitiligo Type

And these types also have several types in a below, Like as:
1. Localized Vitiligo Type
        i. Focal Vitiligo
        ii. Segmental Pattern Vitiligo
        iii. Mucosal Vitiligo

2. Generalized Vitiligo Type
        i. Acrofacial Vitiligo
        ii. Vulgaris Vitiligo
        iii. Universal Vitiligo / Vitiligo totals
        iv. Mixed Vitiligo

These are the Classifications of vitiligo types step to step.

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  1. They usually intent that vitiligo is vitiligo; there is no deference, no classification in the vitiligo types. Vitiligo Symptoms

    1. Hi sara,

      How are you? what is your intention about Vitiligo types? I think every thing has classification, step, divers or types. Please stay with us for more new information on Herbal Treatment

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    1. Hi dear Jibon Vai, Thanks a lot for your visiting my site and good comment. Stay with us for up-to-date information on Herbal Treatment.

      Have a nice day.
      Take care your health.

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