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Long Stability Hair Colors for Men & Women -- Natural Non Hair Dye

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 20 February 2016 | 2:42:00 AM

Natural Hair Colors mixtures (except hair dye) to change your hair color to red color or golden color or any color in your home without any hair dye or cosmetic from market are the most effective and useful way. It is not for a short stability hair color.
Natural Hair Colors
But it is for a long stability hair color after that natural non-dye. It has no any side effect or any anti-reaction for health. It is also very cheap cost, helpful and anti dandruff.

Some men or women especially young girls always fear to change their hair color with hair dye. Because of this problem they always feel uneasy. For this reason, they with the helpless want to do dyeing their hair with high speedy or other cosmetic colors and sometimes go to salon or hairdresser for coloring hair to various colors especially red color, golden color or black color. But yet they can not satisfied with these colors.

So that, today I show you some alternative natural dyes or mixes that are available at your residence area are the most effective and useful long stability hair colors. It can be applied on your hair easily with your own hand. You will not have to go to the salon or hairdresser for applied it, and no need to fear for it. All items what you need to do are natural materials which are available at your kitchen.

The result may be for a short time or will vanish/discolor with many washing hair, but it will change your looking of the temporary, as you can use all the mixing of these mixtures on your hair as a whole or for some natural tufts like ‘Highlight’ and Lowlight. Here I describe only four methods point to point with hair colors items in the below.

The First Method of Hair Color:

1.  Put a little warm water in a mixing bowl.
2.  Put the three eating spoons of honey.
3.  Put the three eating spoons of mayonnaise.
4.  Three small spoons of olive oil.
5.  Mix its together.
    And then............
6.  Put the mixture components of lemon, mayonnaise, honey and olive oil on your hair all night.
7.  Wash your hair in the morning twice using shampoo.
8.  And finally when you dry your hair you'll notice a change in color to lighter.

Tips for Hair Colors:

1.  You can use cold chamomile tea to lighten the hair.
2.  You can also use lemon juice to lighten the hair.
3.  Stay away from lightening your hair using hair dye yourself at home, hair specialist and saloon is the best place to lighten your hair dye.

The Second Method of Hair Color:

1.  Put the lemon juice in a small packet.
2.  Dip your comb in lemon juice and do comb your hair.
3.  Go out to the outside and sit in the sun for 15-20 minutes.
4.  Repeat this process regularly for two weeks and you'll notice the result.

Tips for Hair Dye:

1.  You can use lemon juice to your all hair and not just comb it’s tuft.
2.  Do not forget to drink water during the sit under the sun for your skin and your body from high temperature.

The third Method of Hair Color:

1.  Bring liquid eating pigments which color you love.
2.  Mix these pigments with a little tinge of Balsam (one kind of flower tree), which you use in a plastic box or empty glass.
3.  Wear gloves to protect your hand from pigmentation and stand in front of the mirror and apply the mixture on your hair with hair brush or toothbrush.
4.  If your hair is light blond, leave the mix for 30 minutes. But if your hair black or dark brown, leave it for three hours.
5.  Wash it with lukewarm water without using shampoo and use an old towel and preferably not be white in color.

Tips for Hair Dye:

1.  Don’t try to touch your hair of water, two days after the mix.
2.  If you want to accent the color stays longer in your hair, Mix with a little vinegar.
3.  Don’t touch the mix with your hand directly because of your hand will colored.
4.  You can begin by trying saved it one time only your hair.
5.  Avoid sleeping on a white pillow because the color may become dirty.
6.  Do not put amalgam too much because it can go out the result of a very dark color.
7.Show the result of this mixture over the light hair.

The Fourth Method of Hair Color:

1.  Use a coffee and black tea to darken the color of your hair after boiling for 20 minutes.
2.  You can use chamomile tea or ginger to add a tuft light.
3.  You can use boiled sweet red pepper, cloves to add some red tufts after cool rinse your hair out.
4.  You can use boiled sage and rosemary to cover white hair using 3 times every week for a month.

Tips for Hair Dye:

1.  Do not let the mixture to your hair more than one day after mixing.
2.  Use a plastic bowl or glass, not metal.

Invite your hair relaxes a little bit of hair dye and orientation now to the kitchen that the method for hair colors with natural items is very easy and comfortable. Otherwise, these natural mixtures of hair color are available around your living area and begin to change the color of your hair immediately. Thanks to Almighty Allah for this guideline provided to you in regards of help to you.

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