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The Human Brain Facts and Major Important parts of the Human Brainand with Functions

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 13 December 2012 | 11:11:00 PM

Human Brain - major important parts of the human brain and their actions in the various needed are described in details in this article. You know that, the first and main organ within the body is the Head.
Parts of Brain
Parts of Brain
Similarly, the most important part of the head is the brain. It is the large concentration of nerve cells in the skull of vertebrates, which controls all the motor function within the body and is the center of all senses. It is a major constituent of the central nervous system.

Important parts of Human Brain

Human Brain has several parts. All parts of the brain are most important in the human life. Without any part of the brain or inaction of any part human will become a mental. So, every part has several actions in the whole body of human being. For this importance I have described all parts of the human brain and its actions in the bellow with shorten.

The fore-brain

The fore-brain or the cerebrum makes up most of the brain and id the center of learning, memory and smell. It also includes the brain stem a region where secretory cell-groups like HYPOTHALAMUS, pineal gland, PITUITARY GLAND is located in this Picture. The hypothalamus controls the activities of internal organs like the stomach, intestine and hormone secretion.

The mid-brain

The mid-brain is the center of senses of sight, hearing and touch. It processes the impulses received from the different sense organs and sends information to the forebrain and other parts of a central nervous system.

The hind-brain

The hindbrain has a cerebellum on the top, which coordinates all the motor activities. It is also responsible for maintaining the balance within the body. The lower portion of the hind-brain continues as the medulla oblongata, which connects the brain to the second important part of the central nervous system, the spinal cord.

The entire-brain

The entire-brain is bathed in a fluid called cerebrospinal fluid. The whole mass of nerve tissue is protected by a membrane covering called 'meninges'.

In the vertebrates other than primates and humans, the different parts of the brain are almost arranged in a line. However, in humans and primates, the brain is folded up and the different regions are compressed together to fit the comparatively small cavity in the skull. In humans, especially, the brain-size is extremely large when compared to the body-size. In fact, the total surface area of the fore-brain is many times that of the skull because of the folding of the forebrain are the reason for the high-intelligence, learning power and memory of humans.

The functioning through the brain can be affected by a number of illnesses like wounds or shock to the vessels, tumors, and infections. The skull may be fractured by blows, which may result in hemorrhage of the brain. The tumor may destroy a vital area within the human brain. The brain may also receive implants of cancers from other parts of the body brought by the blood.

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