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Cancer Prevalence and Dangerous Influence around the World

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 16 April 2014 | 7:54:00 AM

Cancer Prevalence and spreading of cancer gradually increase in the world day by day. Even its dangerous influence effects on the world economy. Nowadays the world spends a big percent of money only for cancer treatment.
Cancer Prevalence, Spreading and Dangerous Influence
Cancer Prevalence
I will show you a simple chart of cancer prevalence around the world in this article shortly. Please stay with us for all common disease consultations and the most effective treatments for all kinds of cancer.

What is Cancer Prevalence

Cancer prevalence is called as a figure of existing people who have previously counted to a diagnosis of cancer, and who are still now alive at the present time. Some of the people diagnosed with cancer or cancer patients already have cured and some other is not. As a result of this statement, the prevalence reflects the occurrence of cancer and its related survival sample. This figure of existing patients described above is called Cancer Prevalence.

Cancer prevalence is decided to how much occurs cancer and how long people generally alive after diagnosed with cancer. This prevalence counts the highest for the most general cancers with the longest survival. And with them, general cancer with shorter survival can have a lower prevalence calculate than a less general cancer with longer survival.

Cancer - Social and Economical Problem

Cancer is a dangerous life killing disease name. It chronologically becomes a dangerous social problem and its dangerous influence fallen on the world economy. In the view of “the American Cancer Society”, in 2007, the total amounts of patients affected by cancer are 12 million (one core 20 lakh) and more than by majority percent (67 lakh) of cancer occurred in undeveloped countries. Those 76 lakh people died of cancer at that time, among of the 50 lakh people were living in undeveloped countries.

Spreading of Cancer around the World

The American Cancer Society predicted that, within the 2050 year, the total amount of people diagnosed with cancer will be 2 cores 70 lakh across the world. If the situation is being appearance, cancer will be the second largest reason for dying with the Bangladesh and all undeveloped countries.

Cancer in Bangladesh

Cancer is also a big problem in the perspective of Bangladesh. By the recent statistic, it has appeared that 7.1 people in every thousand are suffering from cancer, 1.8 people in every thousand affected from cancer and 1.3 people in every thousand die of cancer in every year.

With this information, we can say that, at the present time in Bangladesh, 11 lakh 40 thousand people suffer from cancer. And, 2 lakh 90 thousand people die affected by any kind of cancer in every year.

We can understand by this above discussion, how big problem cancer is in the world! Nowadays is a great problem, the 2nd largest problem in the world. After some days it will be the greatest problem, the 1st largest problem in the world especially undeveloped countries such Bangladesh. We can say it by this prediction of American Cancer Society and by this Cancer Prevalence. So, we have to astir about cancer at once without late. We whole people should avoid all reasons of cancer.

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