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7 Types of Diarrhea and Successful Natural Treatment

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 09 April 2013 | 10:13:00 PM

How many types of diarrhea? We know there are 7 types of diarrhea in the medical science. But how to? Do you know about Diarrhea Types? We know there are 7 types of diarrhea, according to Ayurvedic.
7 Types of Diarrhea with description
7 Types Diarrhea
In the case of adults, diarrhea is caused by several factors, and it is classified into seven distinct types. This 7 types of diarrhea have written down in the below according to Ayurvedic medical science.

1. Vatatisara: It, which has the symptoms of loose motions with black color, foam, pain, sounds and undigested food and dry food.

2. Pitaja atisara: The patient will have the following symptoms of this types of diarrhea:
  • Stools which are red, yellow, & bluish in color,
  • Burning sensation,
  • Torpor, and
  • Ulcer in the anus.
3. Kaphaja atisara: The patient will have the following complaints:
  • The motion will be covered with phlegm,
  • Whitish in color and associated with the bad smell;
  • It will be cold to touch.
4. Thridoshatisara: The patient will have all the signs and symptoms of vataja, pittaja and kaphaja atisara symptoms associated with water, which resembles the water that is obtained after washing the flesh.
5. Shokhaja Atisara: The stools will be smelly, with the color of gunja and associated with blood either with faces or without faces.

6. Amajatisara: The patient will have loose motions associated with mucus with faces, blood along with pain.

7. Bhayatisara: This is produced due to fear, and the symptoms will be as that of vataja atisara.

Treatment for Diarrhea

The treatment for all types of diarrhea such as Chronic Diarrhea, Children Diarrhea and Normal Diarrhea are almost the same which is described before under the Children Diarrhea Treatment article with various symptoms and causes of diarrhea. After that I will show you the treatment for diarrhea.

Herbal Treatment for diarrhea

The following herbal treatment for diarrhea are may be recommended. It is also needed and helpful remedies to cure completely for both adult's diarrhea and toddler diarrhea. When you do not get Ayurvedic remedies above, you can apply this herbal treatment for child diarrhea.

1. Take 1-2 spoons (5-10 g) of Isabgol husk with ¼ cup of curd. If your child can't drink this remedy, please take another appropriate remedy from bellow.

2. Drink buttermilk containing some asafetida powder and table salt.

3. Drink buttermilk with a little salt, plus a pitch of dry roasted cumin seed powder.

4. Boil two spoons of cumin seeds in half a cup of water to keep it covered while boiling. Cool and drink the water and eat the seeds. Even one dose of this treatment is excellent for controlling loose motions of children diarrhea.

5. For child or adult's diarrhea and dysentery, both mix amla and black harad powder (2:1). Consume one gram of this twice daily with water.

6. Apply ginger juice on the navel to stop loose motions.

7.  At watery, and frequent motions: make the patient lie down. Make a circular periphery of amla paste surrounding the naval and fill inside the juice of ginger. By this treatment, even the worst kinds of motions are brought under control.

8. For dysentery take 1-2 spoonful of anise (saunf) and stone sugar (mishri) (1:1) powder four times a day.

9. Soak fenugreek seeds in curd. Eat 1-2 spoonful of this with curd 3-4 times a day.

10. Dhania (coriander seeds) powder plus mishri powder two spoonfuls each stirred in water and took 2-3 times a day will stop blood dysentery.

11. For lactose tolerant individuals. For diarrhea in the baby or adult, a cup of warm milk containing a pinch of dalchini (cinnamon) powder taken daily at breakfast is an excellent treatment for diarrhea.

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