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Helpful Foods & Diet with Medical Consultation for Children Diarrhea

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 19 April 2013 | 1:09:00 AM

When your child is effected from diarrhea its called infantile diarrhea. It has also other names like as children diarrhea, toddler diarrhea, kids diarrhea or child diarrhea.
What is the most helpful diet for children diarrhea?
Helpful Diet
Children diarrhea is a very dangerous problem because he/she can not express any reason or affliction. For this reason taking treatment also be to very difficult. After that we would to take accurate treatment for children diarrhea and to give them a diet in diarrhea. However, when your lovely child is effected from children diarrhea or toddler diarrhea, how to take better and the most effective helpful treatment properly?

And similarly, how to consult him/her sincerely? How to select treatment diarrhea in children and useful diarrhea diet for children? What is the better non-side effected diarrhea diet for children? So hello every respectfully Mom, please remember and note it that the milk of the mother will be vitiated by vata, pitta and kapha. So the mother who breastfeeds the child should be given proper treatment to correct any such defects. And remember dear child-mother cordially and sincerely No milk is equal to breast milk. So continue drinking breast-milk to your child.

Good Food for Children Diarrhea

✓ Natural Milk : Since cow’s milk contains fat less than buffalo’s milk, it is the best substitute for breast milk as it can be digested by the child easily. He should be made to sleep as otherwise he will have loose motions and vomiting.

✓ Cow’s bile : When the child is suffering from diarrhea associated with a cough, fever and cold, then gorochanadi vatika should be given in a dose of 1-2 grains twice daily. Gorochana is nothing but cow’s bile and it is a good tonic for regulating the heart as well as the liver of the child.

✓ Drinking Fluids sufficiently : Drinking sufficient quantity of liquid things is the best solution and helpful way to preventing dehydration in children with diarrhea. If the most effective alternative food is not available for a sick child, you can give him/her a lot of fluids like apple juice, cherry juice, grape juice, saline and pure water. If child diarrhea is involved with vomiting, at that time sipping pure fluids also helps in stopping regurgitation.

✓ Feeding Easy-to-Digest Foods : Never feed your child as soon as after a bowel movement, more exactly consent to the gastrointestinal tract have a break for a few hours. After that, have your child to feed easy-to-digest foods such as strained bananas, rice, applesauce and mashed potatoes. Feeding huge meals at a time may be increased indigestion, which is very worseed for childhood diarrhea.

✓ Producing Rehydration Fluids : If you feel that your sick child is going to very weakness and showing symptoms of dehydration and increased tiredness, then the doctor may recommend rehydration fluids (saline), which are sold in pharmaceutical supplies. You have to make sure that you must check the reliability of the better brand and expiry date of the fluids before drinking them to your child. Drinking your child with oral rehydration fluids (saline) will never stop off diarrhea completely, it will help in refilling the lost potassium and calcium.

Foods to Avoid for Children Diarrhea

Above and beyond these helpful and beneficial foods for children, there are more selected food items that must be exactingly avoided during the treatment period of childhood diarrhea.

✓ milk and dairy products : if your child is Impatient to lactose and milk, at that time must avoid milk and dairy products as they children diarrhea.

✓ multiplex carbohydrates Foods : Many of the foods contain multiplex carbohydrates and sugars that are more difficult to digest for children, hence children diarrhea may be going into dangerous positions. Therefore, you can avoid these food items from the diet, until your child cures completely of childhood diarrhea. Also, you have to remember that over the counter medications for diarrhea are exactingly not recommended for children.

✓ No Artificial Milk : The use of artificial milk and other things like it almost are not helpful as these produce complications. The child should not be disturbed or teased by either parent or by outsiders.

You can take the most helpfulness consultations for your kid affected by diarrhea in this article. Everyone should take care his children, and may Almighty Allah bless you and your children. Thanks to all.

Please never late to take the diarrhea treatment for children when your lovely child affected from toddler diarrhea.

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