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Leucoderma Vitiligo Causes to Identify the Exact Treatment of Leucoderma Vitiligo Problem

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 29 May 2013 | 3:12:00 PM

Vitiligo Causes: What is the cause of Vitiligo or leucoderma disease? Firstly, we have to know about the Vitiligo disease before the Vitiligo causes. Vitiligo is a skin discolored problem-white spots on the skin. It is just “a loss of melanin - a skin colored pigmentation.” Actually, the Vitiligo has a diverse name such as leucoderma, depigmentation, leprosy, switra, etc.
Vitiligo Causes
Vitiligo Causes
You can learn more details about "what is vitiligo?" staying with us. Anyway, Now I am going to start the description of Various Basic Common Causes of Leucoderma/vitiligo.

What is the cause of Vitiligo - skin pigmentation? It has not a single answer because the actual Vitiligo Causes are still at present unknown to all medical scientists through the sufficient thesis have been practiced on this subject. No specialist, doctor, or laboratories could find out any definite or obvious causes. However, they have given some ideas based on their research and thesis about the causes of skin pigmentation. A little-experienced cause of this problem with conception is emotional stress, worms, chronic dysentery, sunburns, hereditary, physical illness and loss of melanin.

What causes Vitiligo?

The answer of question 'What causes vitiligo' is there are various causes of leucoderma or vitiligo problem. From them the common causes hereby assemble in this article under the title 'Vitiligo Causes: What Causes Leucoderma Vitiligo?'. the all conception common causes of vitiligo with details information are described in the below serially.
1. Leucoderma occurs due to loss of melanin - a dark skin colored pigment, which gives color to the skin.
2. The patients suffering from leucoderma carry a group of three gins which group assists to occur the depigmentation of the skin.
3. The most acceptable doctrine is the leucoderma is one kind of auto-immune disease When immune system or prevention power of disease in the body creates a reaction against its own cell or tissues, it’s called auto-immune disease in the leucoderma patient’s body produce, one kind of protein named Cytokine, which destroys activation of melanocyte cell's producer of skin color and dead. In this result, the coloring materials named melanin gone out less than normal and the skin becomes a white color.
4. And another doctrine was said about it that the melanocyte in leucoderma disease destroys its own self.
5. Someone said that it occurred by sunlight or higher tension.
6. Destroying or non-activeness of immune hypothesis-melanocyte or because of both cause's skin gone to discolor and became white.
7. Neurochemical matters flow out into the neural hypothesis nerve end, which destroys melanocyte and its activation.
8. In melanin synthesis, existing within the melanin self-destruction hypothesis destroys the activation of the melanocyte.
9. Insufficiency of protein and copper in food produce leucoderma. In this disease, copper exists less in blood, skin and cerebrospinal fluid.
10. Long time problem of the stomach such as lingering amebiasis, lingering dyspepsia and worm infection create leucoderma.
11. Persons suffering from chronic dysentery and other digestive disorders are more prone to leucoderma than others. The vitiligo causes Front & Back side of Leucoderma.
What Causes Vitiligo?
Vitiligo Causes
12. Broad spectrum antibiotic like as chloramphenicol and streptomycin, it's using makes leucoderma.
13. Over tension helps to extend the spot of leucoderma.
14. It may be due to diabetes, pernicious anemia, thyrotoxicosis, myxedema, and Addison's disease.
15. It may be due to chronic dysentery.
16. Someone says it can be even hereditary. It is the wrong belief. Many other wrong beliefs are prevalent about the causative factors of leucoderma.
17. Some people belief leucoderma is caused by eating fish and drinking milk at the same time because even vegetarians are prone to it.

Composite hypothesis – above theories are not completely contented. Because the real reason of destroying melanocyte are more very abstruse and difficult. Dr. T.L Devaraj, the Ayurvedic medical specialist, said that "the Bhrajaka pitta present in the skin will not function properly: as a result, leucoderma will be produced. It is due to the deficient production of pitta. It may even be due to the disease of the liver."

Someone said that the vitiligo – white spots on the skin problem may be aggravated due to various kinds of diseases like as:
1. Diabetes Mellitus
2. Hyperthyroidism
3. Pernicious Anemia and
4. Addison’s disease.

So, the actual vitiligo causes are not discovered till now. Nevertheless, based on the above cause the skin pigmentation most of the doctors find out the symptoms of this problem and put the medicine to cure it. By this way, we also put successfully treatment with NATURAL HERBAL HOME REMEDIES. And in the first stage of this disease, we can be successes to cure completely. However, at first, a doctor has to know WHAT CAUSE VITILIGO; then he will be a success to cure 100% I think.

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    2. Well, Misard that treatment ( is working for me! My white patches are disappearing and i only have 2 weeks of treatment. Thanks a lot for the advice!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

    3. Most welcome to Modern Herbalife again. We always try to help all with the most useful and helpful information about natural herbal treatment. Thanks for visit my site and good comment.

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