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What is Leucoderma Vitiligo? – More details about leucoderma

Researched By Maniruzzaman md on 12 May 2013 | 10:42:00 PM

What is Leucoderma or Vitiligo? Do you know about Skin pigmentation? In this article, I will describe more details about Vitiligo-Skin pigmentation disorder. And then I will mention the Vitiligo Causes, classifications of leucoderma, Symptoms of leucoderma,
What is Leucoderma Vitiligo(Skin Pigment)?
Leucoderma Vitiligo
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What is Leucoderma vitiligo? The Basic Affairs

Vitiligo – the white spot on the skin is not a dangerous or contagious skin disease. Although in the past society, most of the people believed as a contagious disease. And now a day somebody like as they passed has mistaken belief as a contagious disease. Modern medical science and all doctors proved that it is 100% surety, not a contagious disease. It does not have any pain and itch.

Nevertheless, the white patches on the skin, although is not a dangerous or contagious or painful disease, but from a cosmetic point of view, they are a nuisance, and in the society has a great stigma as leprosy. In the initial period, it may cure completely by taking an effective and helpful natural herbal treatment. However, in the chronic or old stage, the patient has to take medicine for a long time. Sometimes, it is not curable when the hairs of effected spot become white.

What is Leucoderma Vitiligo? The Details Description

Leucoderma (white spots on the skin) is just a loss of melanin- a skin colored pigment, often in patches. It is known to all around the world, especially in the Indian Empire as a “Sheti roog” or “Kushta bedhi”. An according to Ayurvedic medical science it is called “Switra” or “Kilasa." So, what you say as a Sheti or Kushta or Switra or Kilasa, it is nothing but one kind of skin disease. It is not as like as other skin diseases, but it is a very rare disease not seen available usually. Leucoderma vitiligo curable in the herbal medical science first stage of Leucoderma.

‘Leucoderma’ is a word which has two parts

1.        Leuco – meaning is ‘milky’ and
2.        Derma –meaning is ‘skin’.
Consequently, the meaning of Leucoderma in literally is ‘milky skin’. That is to say, when the white spots or patches appear on the various parts of the skin, it is called Leucoderma.

It is mentioned that Leucoderma is also known as vitiligo when it occurs without any preceding disease. It is also called skin pigmentation. Under this condition, certainly, various parts of the skin on the various limbs of the body lose its real color step to step left behind the white spot. This kind of condition is mistaken for another skin disease like as leprosy (although it is actually not leprosy).

Appearance of Leucoderma - skin pigmentation

Leucoderma – the white spots on the skin, usually and initially begins with a very small milky or brown color patch on the skin. However, this spotting day by day slowly and gradually increase and spreads in size through the various parts of the body, and Followed by a few other similar patches or spots step to step increase in other areas of the whole body or around the initial areas of discoloration. Firstly, it begins to spot on the lip, tips of fingers, toes, neck, eyelid or tiptoes, etc. Sometimes this spot appears in the mucous membrane like as inside of the mouth, inside of the noose or retina. The hair on affected parts from leucoderma like as skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp, beard, mustache, etc. as well loss original color and becomes white such as hair graying.

Social Stigma about white spots on the skin

A leucoderma patient has a diversity problem in society. This kind of patient is more embarrassed than the victim of any pain or discomfort. As soon as leucoderma is produced on the skin of the patient, it creates problems for the patient as a society will treat the individual with some sort of stigma. They always bear a social stigma. It is very bad and woebegone circumstances for the vitiligo patient. We should avoid this mentality completely about the skin pigment disease and respect them sufficiently.

Okay, dear reader, you have known in this article to “what is vitiligo?” and the next content you can know about the basic common causes of Leucoderma – What cause Vitiligo? Please stay with us to learn more all about NATURAL HERBAL HOME REMEDIES and never forget to leave a comment. If you are benefited to read this article, please share this article with your friends. Take care your health in every time. Always try to stay healthy with Modern Herbalife Home Remedies.

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  1. Most helpful article with more information about to cure this problem.

    1. Thanks. normally I want to try write down per article with better information.

  2. This process of considering all the symptoms is called treating the person as a whole or constitutional approach. Unless this is done, the treatment of vitiligo is not likely to meet success. Leucoderma Treatment

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  3. Really a great post.I liked it and i will share it with others too.Vitiligo Treatment

    1. Thanks a lot for your Interesting and good comment. We always try to provide better something for all readers specially patients. You may also benefited to read our Hair Loss Prevention Treatmet. Best Luck.

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  6. It’s great news that there might be a cure through black pepper finally. I have waited so many year to hear some progress for a cure for vitiligo.

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  12. I am so happy to see your blog post. thanks for sharing. Ayurveda have complete solution in Vitiligo.


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