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Common Fever Definition, Fever Causes and Fever Treatment Naturally at Home

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Common fever and Pyrexia about same disease, but a little difference between them. When the body temperature between 97-105 Degree Fahrenheit (D.F) (37.22 - 40.57 Degree Celsius) and onwards it is called Fever or Pyrexia.
Common Fever Treatment, Remedies, Diet and Helpful Consultation
Common Fever
When the body temperature rises above 107°F (41.66 D.C), it is called hyperpyrexia. And when a patient feels hot or cold in his/her body, pain all over the body and arrest of sweating, at that position it is called common fever. It is known to all that, because of fever, the metabolism normally increases. Fever usually occurs due to any of the causes such as infection (pneumonia, typhoid fever, etc.), injury to the nervous system, dehydration and administration of some drugs etc. in coming fever, and malaria, shivering or rigor occurs. But the common fever can become without any cause. In the below, I have described "what is a common fever?" elaborately.

What is a Common Fever?

Common Fever is called common fever, because, when a patient has a fever, pain all over the body and arrest of sweating, and then it is termed as common fever without any known cause. When a person affected from fever – especially from a common fever there is a feeling of cold in generally with increasing body temperature. So that, its called common fever.

What Causes of Common Fever?

There are many causes of fever in medical science. But In the common fever, where there are no complications or where the accurate causes is not known to specialists still now, except the body temperature goes ahead of bearable limits, no medication is essential because such a fever might be the way of nature to get free of the various poisonous elements accumulated in the body. In the modern age, being used to an ease-loving life and habits, people trick to the doctor the moment they discover that their temperature goes a little above the normal. But the Hakim/doctor and specialist in Ayurveda in the past, when the modern medical system has not made inroads into our life, frowned on immediate medicine for a fever, they simply advised the patient to fast and take nothing, but water for a couple of days. The patient normally cures of the fever in 48 to 72 hours and was none the worse for this problem. Videlicet, none face the dangerous problem by effecting from common fever. It is just a simple problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Common Fever

Normally in the preliminary stage of the fever, I mean in the common fever; the patient must not be taken any foods or must be given only light gruel. He should be stayed on fast. In the middle stage of common fever, medicines of digestion and assimilation must be given. And in the last stage of the fever, mild laxatives may be taken.

The patient must be given a decoction prepared from Musta, Parpashtaka, Dhanyaka, and Amrutavalli, each drug should be taken in a dose of 1 (one) teaspoonful or added to a half liter of pure water which must then be boiled and reduced to one-fourth proportion. This should be taken thrice daily. Even besides taking this remedy, one teaspoonful of Tulsi juice with 10 grains of pepper and along with honey must be taken.

The following Ayurvedic remedies are very good treatments for common fever:
1. Maha Mrutyunjaya rasa: 200m.g. with Pravala Bhasma: 200m.g. with honey or Guduchi juice or Amritarishta (half an ounce twice daily)

2. Guduchi satva: half gm, Tribhuvana keerti: 200m.g. Mahasudarshana churna 4gms.

This Ayurvedic remedy described above has to be given the common fever patient thrice daily along with honey or with hot water. This treatment decreases the body temperature and cures the fever completely. With this treatment, the patient must be nursed and provided the following consultation.

Natural Remedies for Common Fever

As for medication, the Tulsi plant and its young green leaves are a specific most effective remedy for all fevers. When malaria fever and dengue fever are ordinary disease during the rainy season, at that time some young green leaves of Tulsi plant boiled with regular afternoon tea take action as a prophylactic.

1. If the main source of acute fevers is unknown, make a decoction with 12gms Tulsi leaves boiled with powdered cardamom in half a liter of water mixed with sugar and milk, and then provide this decoction into a patient, it must fall down the body temperature of the patient.

2. Boil 11 Tulsi leaves, 7 black peppers plus 10gms stone sugar (mishri) in 3 cups of water till it reduces to one cup. Drink this hot water and cover patient's body with blanket properly and keep him to sleep or full rest. Repeat this remedy 2-3 times a day. By the same way taken in empty stomach in every morning will take care of fever of long standing.

3. Powder of the root of the Horse Radish (shigm) is another helpful remedy for common fevers in the beginning stages of common fever.

4. Powder of the leaves of Indrani is also a beneficial treatment for common fever. You can use these remedies for common fever at home. I am sure you will get the successful result and cure fever completely.

Consultation for Common Fever

There are some common and the most helpful consultation and suggestion for the common fever patient. Besides taking the herbal treatment for fever, it should nurse the patient and provides these consultations. Sometimes, the fever cures with these consultations only. So, these consultations are very useful for fever patients. These are described in the below:

1. If Common Fever is not going to the hazardous position which has some dangerous signs and symptoms such as “a closing glottis in diphtheria”, at that time it should not be interfered with for the first three days.

2. If it does not fall down after that or goes ahead of controllable limits, for example, if the body temperature threatens to increase over 106°F should be taken to bring it back to normal position.

3. If the body temperature of a fever patient increases, it will be the very first and completely secure thing is to bathe the head and forehead of the fever patient with cold water as much as possible in which little vinegar has been mixed.

4. And in the same way, if the body temperature of fever patient is about 103°F, at this position, cold compresses must be continued at the patient's head.

5. If the fever or body temperature increases and reaches to 106°F, immediate emergency will have to take measures. Immediately it will have to remove the wearing clothes from the patient's body and he should be covered with a cotton sheet wetted with cold water and cover the body with a blanket. The cotton sheet must be changed after each ten to fifteen minutes. After taking this consultation the body temperature of the patient would start falling down.

6. Or, if the temperature does not fall down, the patient must be bathed in cold water and aired in the body with a high speed fan. When the temperature will fall down to 103°F, at that time only cold compress would continue on the heat and the forehead of the patient. And, at the first stage of falling temperature, cold compresses must also be stopped. But after a few times it can continue with patient’s requirement.

Diet for Common Fever Patient

Doctors/Hakim provides a caution to the patient suffering from typhoid fever not to take any hard diet or hard to digest foods. But in other fever such as common fever, Influenza, Pneumonia, Plague fever, Diphtheria, Dengue fever, etc. this precaution is no need to follow. Unfortunately, the most of the patient does not try to follow this caution. They would take any impatient foods and diet. For this reason it can create a harmful situation in their body any time.

Only fruit juices can be the best diet for a patient suffering from fever. It is only allowed diet for patient during the fever. Lemon Juice in a glass of water with a little salt can be given to him.

The patient must drink water or liquid things (juice, glucose, gruel) as much as possible he can take, because the fever temperature dries up the liquid things of the human body. If the patient does not take enough liquid things, for this lack of liquids can be lead to dehydration disease, which is dissimilar to grip than the common fever.

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