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Pilates Obliques Roll Back Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Men & Women

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The best Pilates obliques roll back exercise defines to oblique, rotation, transverse abdominals and rectus abdominals. It is a rotation abdominal exercise to the right and left sides to connect the exact muscles and draw fatty belly button during the exercise.
Best Pilates Obliques Roll Back Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast
Roll Back Exercise

Preparation for Roll Back Exercise

Keep your hips on the ground level, sitting with ground sheet and curve your knees towards upside title and wide your arms parallel such as above picture, then rotate your upper body (head, chest & fatty belly) to right and left side alternately.

4 Steps for Roll Back Exercise

There are four steps to complete this oblique roll back exercise in the below.
Step 1:    Sitting with your soft ground sheet or grassland bed in your room or see beach curve knees and smoothly point together with arms out in front of you towards the roof or sky.
Step 2:    After exhaling (breath out) draw your fatty belly button towards your backbone’s spinal column and rotate backward, and then bring your lower thorax towards your hips.
Step 3:    Twisting to the right side return your right arm back side, concluding with it behind you at shoulder tallness.
Step 4:    After inhaling (breathe in) return towards the starting center position before replicating on your left side. Remember, if you actually want to burn or lose your belly fat quickly (both men and women), you must perform top three the best Pilates exercises such as this roll back exercise, the Pilates criss cross exercise and the Pilates hundred exercise including the most effective diets & foods to lose belly fat fast.

How to Roll Back Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

Firstly, sitting on your hips with ground level, then curve your knees little towards upside, then wide your arms parallel, then take a long inhale (breathe in) and then finally, rotate your upper body (head, chest & fatty belly) except hips (your hips strongly set up on the ground) towards the right side where there you want to go to assist connects the exact muscles, and draw your belly knob exactly during this exercise and try to stay for a few seconds in this position. Then return your body to the normal center position.

And secondly, in the same way, rotate your upper body (head, chest & fatty belly) towards the left side where there you want to go to assist connects the exact muscles, and draw your fat belly knob exactly during this exercise, and try to stay for a few seconds in this position. To perform this exercise never try to lay down your backside with level ground, but always try to keep its normal bow off the ground.

Repetitions for Roll Back: Total 5-10 times repetitions for each side in this obliques roll back exercise.

CAUTION:    Please bear in mind this important caution before starting this Pilates oblique roll back exercise. This moving exercise is not so suitable for those who have a backbone or buttock problem. Seek advice from your physician before attempting this or any other exercise programs such as obliques criss cross exercise or obliques hundred exercise, because these exercises programs can affect in small injury. If you feel any pain or uneasiness in your hip or buttock during these exercises, discontinue instantaneously and seek advice from your physician. To decrease the hazard of injury, never try to force or strain during exercise.

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