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Pilates Hundred Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Men & Women

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The best Pilates 100 (hundred) exercise is an energetic warm-up that defines to the abdominal, lungs, neck and the co-ordination your breathing with the movement. It is a great and the most helpful exercise to burn belly fat quickly. Although there is some difficult points in this 100 (hundred) exercise, obviously it is very easy to do finishing completely.
The Best Pilates Hundred Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast
Hundred Exercise
The Pilates hundred exercise, it is called as a Hundred exercise because of holding the exercise for 100 beats. It is an enormous exercise to approach in the early hours in a sequence because of obtaining your full body warm-up exactly, perhaps even breaking a panic. The hundred exercise obtains your breaths (both exhale and inhale) and blood moving physically powerful and strengthen. In the other hand, it is obviously the most helpful exercise to burn belly fat; enlarge chest stability and abdominal strengthening.

Preparation for Pilates Hundred Exercise

Keep your fatty belly level and smooth horizontal and similarly, keep your backbone’s spinal column level and smooth horizontally on the groundsheet in the neutral position. Begin this hundred exercise with 50 (Fifty) breaths firstly and make up all methods, completing 100 breaths. So that it’s called 100 (hundred) exercise.

How to Do the Pilates Hundred Exercise?

There are 6 steps to complete this Pilates hundred exercise. Here all steps are described indetails for your understanding easily and appling all steps perfectly to get cent persent result of this pilates hundred exercise.

6 Steps for Pilates Hundred Exercises

To complete the Pilates hundred exercise you have to follow these 6 steps exactly and completely. Ok, let's start the following steps of pilates hundred exercise.
Step 1:   Lie down on the backside of your body with leveling your arms, including forearms straight on the ground, curve both knees up to a right angle and your shins & ankles parallel to the front side as like as tabletop position.
Step 2:   Take a long exhale (breath out) then raise your head including shoulder and arms up with your chin down towards the chest, curve your upper side of the backbone (spinal column) up off the ground.
Step 3:   Stay here and take a long inhale (breath in), then make straight your legs parallel to your front side, keep your shoulders little slip down & hold in the backside, then fix your eyes on the abs and then start to beat your arms up and down about 6-8 inch pump in harmony with your breaths using your abdominal muscles as much as possible.
Step 4:   Come back to your normal first position as your backside level (laying) on the groundsheet and both knees up & feet on the ground then hold your position. Take five short breaths in for five arms beats and five short breaths out for five arms beats. Take rest for few times and be assured your arms, shoulder, and neck are ready to start beating again.
Step 5:   In the same way start to beat again following these instructions above and do a cycle of 10 complete breaths. Every cycle is five short inhales and five short exhales. And then fulfill a hundred beats to complete the best Pilates hundred exercise.
Step 6:   And finally to complete this hundred exercise, stay your backbone’s spinal column bent as you take both knees curved toward your chest, take hold of your both knees and keep your upper side of the body and head level to the ground sheet and then take a long breath in and breath out.

CAUTION: Please bear in mind this important caution before starting this Pilates hundred exercise. This exercise is not totally suitable for those who have a pregnant and abdominal problem. They have to avoid this exercise in the period of pregnancy. But after this period, in the other time, they can perform this exercise to lose their belly fat fast. Before attempting this exercise or any other exercises such as the Pilates obliques criss cross exercise or the Pilates obliques roll back exercise, you must seek advice from your physician because these exercise programs can affect in small injury. If you feel any pain or uneasiness in your hip or buttock during these exercises, discontinue instantaneously and seek advice from your physician. To decrease the hazard of injury, never try to force or strain during exercise.

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