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16 Health Benefits of Lettuce Leaf with Health Nutrition

Researched By Modern Herbalife on 04 September 2015 | 6:25:00 PM

Lettuce in the scientific name “Lactuca sativa”, Indian or Bengali name lettuce pata and Chinese name “Woju yey (莴苣叶)” is a yearly small plant of the daisy relatives Asteraceae group. It is normally used for vegetable or salad in any kinds of foods. green leaf lettuce or red leaf lettuce can be eaten in the two systems:
Lettuce Leaf Nutrition for Health
raw uncooked leaf and cooked or grilled leaf. You can take it in a salad with both raw green leaf and roast leaf. Its juice and past also used in treatment as a medicine.

Lettuce Leaf Health Benefits and Nutrition

Lettuce leaf is a smooth sweet-tasting leaf. There are so many several medicinal benefits in Lettuce Leaf which are in below:

1. Lettuce leaf in everyday salad improves heal all kinds of cold diseases such as sneezing, cuff, cough, asthma, and infection of the lung.
2. Lettuce leaf is very helpful for the patient of kidney problem whose quantity of urine has already reduced. Taking this leaf regularly helps to increase the urine and improve heal the patient day by day.
3. Lettuce leaf is very helpful to improve healing the diseases of kidney stone, inactive of a kidney, infection of the bladder, pain of kidney and swelling hands-legs. 4. Lettuce leaf controls the sugar in diabetic patients.
5. A salad of raw or fry lettuce leaf refines and purifies blood and obstructs coagulating fat in the vein and a small vein.
6. There are available Vitamin-C and beta-carotene in the lettuce leaf. These two ingredients prevent oxidation of cholesterol and help to reduce cholesterol. For this reason, the cholesterol of blood become under the control and heart become active and well.
7. By eating lettuce leaf regularly old age don not approach early, but it comes delay comparably.
8. In this leaf available Sodium, Vitamin-B1, B2, and B3, which protect restored water in any part of the body.
9. If cut off or injured anywhere of skin, past of this leaf reduces the pain quickly and improve heal this injured part.
10. If pregnant women continue to eat the raw lettuce leaf during the period of pregnancy, it increases the quantity of blood in the body of mother and baby.
11. Eye infection problem such as ophthalmic; boiling 6 minutes some lettuce leaves in one or two litters water and washing the infected eye with this water improve heal ophthalmia and same diseases of the eye caused by infection. This boiled water after cold, remove the weariness of eye after using the eye for a long time.
12. This leaf is very helpful to remove dandruff. Its powder usually is used in shampoo.
13. The extract of lettuce leaf removes the black spot on skin or sunburn spot on face.
14. There are available big amounts of iron in a lettuce leaf. This leaf improves the blood hemoglobin. So that, it is the most helpful and ideal food for that patient who is affected by anemia.
15. In lettuce leaf available fiber and cellulose, but the quantity of calorie is not as much of. So that, you can add this leaf with your daily diet list to reduce overweight.
16. Lettuce leaf the prime source of Vitamin-K which increases the metabolism of bone. Otherwise, Vitamin-K keeps active the cell of bone and save the quick decay of bone.

For this above mentioned medicinal benefits of lettuce leaf you should take raw or fry lettuce leaf every day. Especially for these problems described in this article, everyone must add it to the daily diet list. May Almighty Allah keeps always us healthy and cured by eating natural herbs and medicinal food! Thanks.

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  1. Most of the people don't add salads and green veggies in their regular diet because of their taste. This can also make you feel more healthier without any side effect. You can also go for juices like Pure Goji Berry Juice or noni or nopal juices to maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels to maintain good health in longer hours.

    1. Yes, you may right, someone dose not like it raw salads, but they can take juice or make cooking as vegetables. But if you use this leaf as medicine there is no problem. I think your products also helpful.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, Dear, we always try to help all with better thinks. Stay with us and give us good suggestion for going ahead.


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