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Pregnancy Definition with Three Phases of Pregnancy Period

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What's Pregnancy?
Pregnancy Definition

Pregnancy in Other Language

Pregnancy is processed by a woman, one or more of the fetuses in her body. Pregnancy is known to the Arabian as حمل, the Spanish as embarazo, the Chinese as 懷孕, the Russian as беременность, the French as grossesse, the Greek as εγκυμοσύνη, the Latin as graviditate and the Indians as गर्भावस्था. It is also known to all as gravidity or gestation.

What is Pregnancy?

Pregnancy usually lasts about 9 months (40 weeks after fertilization) between the last session of menstrual period and the end time of childbirth. At what time measured from conception it is about 38 weeks. Style of embryo launches what pregnancy of women from fertilization’s time until birth.

This is a period during which one or more progeny develops inside a woman’s uterus. Pregnancy may occur by sexual communication or assisted reproductive technology. It is just more than nine months, where every month is on 29.5 days.

Division of Pregnancy Period

In many communities the medical and legal positions of the fetus are identified according to the division of the pregnancy period into three phases are in the bellow:
1.   The first phase: Likelihood of abortion (natural death of the fetus) in this phase is great.
2.   The second phase: In this phase where can monitor the growth and development of the fetus.
3.   The third phase: This phase begins when the fetus has developed enough to be able to continue life without medical aid or medical assist of the outside of woman's uterus.

It is mentioned that, without pregnancy test and pregnancy symptoms it is not possible to confirm about pregnancy.

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