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How to Conferm Pregnancy with Home Made Pregnancy Test?

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Pregnancy test is the final way to confirm the pregnancy. Without this test not possible to ensure the pregnancy. So that, after conception we have to test pregnancy making sure it.
Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test
Although after getting pregnancy some signs and symptoms of pregnancy are showed in a woman’s body which announce the woman’s pregnancy, but the pregnancy test is a confirmed method to make sure her pregnancy. However there are some pregnancy tests are described in the bellow with details.

Pregnancy Tests

There are three ways of pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. First is Home Pregnancy Test, second is Urinary Pregnancy Test and Third is Laboratory Blood Test. Each test has several ways and importance which are bellow in details:

1. Home Pregnancy Test

Home pregnancy test can diagnose the situation of pregnancy through the checking of the hormone in the urine. Some of these home tests can predict a women her pregnancy in early may be from the first day of the absence of menses (about 14 days after conception), but may be disclosed within few minutes of the urine sample examination.

2. Urinary Pregnancy Test

Urinary pregnancy test is conducted in the laboratory or clinic. This test is able to detect the urine’s hormone accurately up to 100% and can detect any proportion of the hormone in early pregnancy could reach 7 to 10 days after conception.
Urine analysis is usually cheaper than blood tests, but blood tests give results more than urine tests.

3. Laboratory Blood Test

By the laboratory blood test you may check that the hormone with an accuracy of 100% and in early can be up to 7 days after conception. This test also helps to determine the date of the pregnancy by measuring the amount of the hormone.

You can also test for delayed pregnancy problems after marriage of one year. Because sometimes a woman feels delayed pregnancy after a year or more years and cannot confirm her pregnancy. So that these tests help to ensure about conception or not, and getting pregnant or not.

Whatever the results of laboratory tests are the more accurate diagnosis requires that also followed a medical examination because of access to false negative results, sometimes not ruling out very early in the pregnancy. Therefore, you must repeat the pregnancy test and medical examination after almost a week. If repeated adverse pregnancy outcomes with the continuation of menopausal, the women must be referred to the doctor and exclude an ectopic pregnancy.

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  1. I believe that once the control line reaches a certain depth of color the optical light is triggered. symptoms of pregnancy

  2. If you have a high cervix, this may mean that you’re pregnant, but there will be other signs that give a better understanding and accuracy of pregnancy. To know more visit


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