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5 Foods is Dangerous for Health and Causes of Cancer

Researched By Modern Herbalife on 06 January 2015 | 4:02:00 PM

Foods is one of the most important necessities of life. Everyone has to take foods to live healthy. But all foods are not healthy to eat. There are some foods represent a health risk. Unfortunately, it is true that these kinds of foods are loved by many people.
Dangerous Foods for Health and Causes Cancer?
Dangerous Foods for Causes Cancer
According to the German magazine “Focus”, there is a report published through its website, that one-third of cancer occurred due to improper diets and foods system. It is pointed out that the carbohydrate-rich materials and fried foods represent a particular risk to health. You would also like to read Flat Belly Diets, Foods & Exercises.

The “Focus” pointed out that the cancer is the second main cause of death after the cardiovascular diseases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that about 8.2 million people die annually due to cancer. You can read to know about the Cancer Prevalence and Dangerous Influence around the World.

Most of the specialist pointed out that maximum percentage of cancer affected in the world due to malnutrition (bad feeding). Especially they reported that about 35 percent of cancer in German occurred by malnutrition. Read to learn more How Many Percentage of the Various Types of Cancer’s affecting in the World.

Five Most Dangerous Foods for Health

There are five foods make a significant dangerous risk in the body from a particular type in the world, according to the German magazine ‘Focus’. These kinds of foods or meals create the life killer disease “cancer” in the body. Learn more what is Cancer and why Called it Cancer?

1. The Hot Dog:

The world famous meal of sausage “Hot Dog” contains the nitrate materials (nitric acid), which are added to give them the color and the preservation of meat for a long time. Actually, the nitrate materials are not harmful in itself but become dangerous things to health when it composed with proteins (amines) in the flesh or soft tissue of meat - material ‘Alenetrosamin’. Some thesis on this topic has suggested that ‘Alenetrosamin’ can cause cancer, especially gastrointestinal cancer.

2. French Fries and Potato Chips:

Throughout of frying potato during making french fries and potato chips arise materials of ‘acrylamide’, which may cause cancer, based on experiments conducted on animals. When the ‘acrylamide’ is high doses can also cause damage - harmfulness to the nerves systems.

This substance exists in all foods ample with carbohydrates, which are heated to high temperatures. Moreover, there is also the danger of containment of frying oil on unsaturated fats, which leads to the lack of human feeling of satiety and thus increases a person's weight is in danger of cancer.

3. The Testy Cakes (Donuts):

Tasty cakes (Donuts) is in the form of rings of dough happening to it with fried potatoes, which often contain a substance the ‘acrylamide’ and unsaturated fats. Moreover, the testy cakes (Donuts) contain a large amount of sugar and fat which may a cause of cancer anytime.

4. Grilled Meat:

Burned fat can make a strong source of danger to health from grilled meat. When fat of meat fall on the fire, it makes ‘benzopyrene’ (an organic compound with the formula C20H12), which returns to its turning point of meat contamination through the smoke. This substance actually is the main cause of stomach cancer. To avoid this, the aluminum coil should be put on the fire until the smoke returns to the meat, or choose little fat meat for meals.

5. Musty Food:

Apart from the quality of the food that going to musty, proven that the rotten foods create the cause of cancer. And the toxins in the moldy or rotten foods create the harmful things for nervous system and genetic material.

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